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Reviews About Dr. Culpepper

(147 customer reviews)

Thank you for trusting Dr. Culpepper with your eye health.

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Thank you for trusting Dr. Culpepper with your eye health.

Please click on the “Reviews” tab to leave your review here on the website.

To leave a Google Review, click this link: https://g.page/r/CRluy1sHdH7QEB0/review

147 reviews for Reviews About Dr. Culpepper

  1. Tammy Coston

    Dr. Culpepper is the best Optometrist I know out there. I first met her in 2009. She was very pleasant and cared about the healthiness of my eyes. When I went back the next year for my eye exam she was gone. So I asked the receptionist where she went and they told me but was very vague about her location. I have been looking for her every since. Move forward to 10/16. I had an eye appt. At first I was not going to show up wasn’t feeling well but I knew because of my cut cornea I suffered 19 years ago I needed to go. When the doctor called me back and introduced herself. I said I know you and I said where I knew her from and where they told me she had she went. So we talked and I told her I had been trying to find her for years. I remember her name and everything. It was such a blessing to connect with her again. I truly believe in divine intervention and I am so glad that I found her she is such a blessing. I will never lose touch with her again. My heart is full of joy. Thank you Dr. Culpepper fir taking great care of me!

  2. Sasha offord

    She was very helpful and answered all the questions I need and very nice.

  3. Betsy De Los Santos

    Very sweet, Great service! Would recommend!

  4. Myyale

    She’s really nice and helpful

  5. AR

    Very kind and efficient, explains everything extremely well.

  6. Annie

    This eye doctor is the best. She has excellent customer service and a very happy spirit. So if you all have government insurance then come on down to Walmart on memorial dr and see her. 😁

  7. Chyna W.

    I have been wearing contacts/glasses for about 20 years and I can Dr. Culpepper is the best she is very friendly, and very informative I never had an optometrist like her, I would highly recommend her to everyone

  8. Queen

    She did an excellent job and was very informative!!

  9. Ari

    Very friendly, explained everything to me instead of just talking through me great conversation.

  10. Austin Watson

    Very friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, helpful, and more!

  11. Blanca

    Dr.Culpepper provided amazing customer service!!

  12. Janell

    I appreciated how she included me in the decision making process. She made sure that I was satisfied and comfortable with my prescription. Great customer service.

  13. Josue esquerdo

    The exam was pretty quick to the point. No problems here

  14. Tara Stroud

    Wonderful Doctor, such a easy exam. Thank You Soooo Much

  15. Faysal

    Great 👍

  16. Shirley Swanson

    The Dr. Provided excellent service

  17. Janae

    She was extremely professional and kind! She was honest and has a bubbly personality that makes you feel assured that she’s telling you the right information! I highly recommend her!

  18. Nicole Richie

    Very attentive and perfessional.

  19. Nicole Richie

    Very perfessional

  20. Taniya

    Very nice and helpful . Thanks a lot.

  21. Shelia Woodyard

    Dr. Culpepper was amazing!!! She took her time and explained everything to me. She made me feel so comfortable. She is pleasant and extremely smart! I love her!!!

  22. Amanda

    Dr. Culpepper was amazing with my girls! Super sweet. Would highly recommend!

  23. LaShanique Barkley

    She have great customer service skills, SUPER SWEET!!! Just Amazing all around and made my eye exam easy and helped with any questions or concerns I’ve had. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND HER!!

  24. Ty’Reunna Creamer

    Dr. Culpepper was super sweet and made getting an eye exam a smooth ride.

  25. Dana Landy

    Dr. Culpepper was one of the best optometrists I have seen at an eye are chain like Visionworks. She was knowledgeable, kind and thorough. She answered any and all questions I had. Highly recommend.

  26. Derrick Foster

    Dr. Culpepper did an amazing job with my exam, answered all my questions, and was a pleasure to work with.

  27. Janya Sheffield

    She’s very good and professional.

  28. Chaundra

    Dr. Culpepper is excellent. She is attentive, professional and has a very pleasant attitude. I loved her.

  29. maurice brooks

    She’s great! Thanks for everything

  30. Edward brown

    Good job.
    Good visit.

  31. Sean

    Dr. Culpepper was wonderful!


    You are very efficient and informative

  33. Mariah Parker

    Dr. Culpepper is great. She has a very bubbly and outgoing personality. I felt engaged during the exam. She made me feel as though she cares. She even gave me her product to try because I told her my eyes feel dry with my contacts. She also offered to help me with my plan to open my own beauty supply store.

  34. Lizbeth

    she was very helpful very nice , very into her job loved her energy , would definitely come back to see her again !

  35. Kamen

    She’s a very nice lady. She helped me with all of my needs/concerns. Answered all my questions perfectly!

  36. Teneaski Troutman

    I had a great experience i would recommend for anyone to come get your eyes checked out here

  37. Sydney Sommerville

    She was great!! Very kind and easy to talk to

  38. Jeanie Seide

    Dr. Culpepper was extremely detailed and clear when speaking to my son. He is 17 and will be on his own soon, so to have a Dr. that speaks TO him and not just do the job & keep going, is a blessing! Awesome!!!

  39. David gray

    Everything was good

  40. Amber

    Dr Culpepper is wonderful and very kind. I would recommend her to anyone. Great experience.

  41. Herman Gainous

    She is an amazing eye doctor- 10/10 experience

  42. Tucker Fisher

    She was definitely very friendly and professional, very knowledgeable and helpful!

  43. Amber


  44. Darryl Stewart

    She was very professional and delightful to work with. Great personality and work ethic.

  45. Sarah

    Dr. Culpepper is so kind! She works efficiently and made feel super comfortable during my appointment. You won’t regret booking with her.

  46. Aliqua Harrigan

    Dr.Culpepper was very welcoming and kind.

  47. Troy

    She’s is so kind and I got my vision now.

  48. Kynda Tiller

    She is nice

  49. Lizbeth

    she was sooo sweet , very helpful & very kind . She helped me throughout my whole time being attended here & throughout my follow up .

  50. Patrice Moses

    She so amazing and great 😊💜💜💜

  51. Tanya Middleton

    Dr. Culpepper is very knowledgeable and so kind and patient. I recommend her wholeheartedly ❤️

  52. Rykeisha lambert

    I love the experience here. Dr. Culpepper was everything and more. She’s so patient and humbled I felt really comfortable with her at my appointment.

  53. Crystal

    The Doctor was very kind and she is a good person to help me see better. I can see great now.

  54. Braulio

    The Doctor was nice and my exam was good. I have to wear these glasses now.

  55. Jaimi Carter

    I love Dr. Culpepper! She is amazing. Fast service and very polite.

  56. Kaliyyah Hightower

    she is so kind and nice love her her personality <3

  57. Serenity brll

    She is very nice , I love that she ask & tells me good information I very much needed 🙂.

  58. Azanae J.

    Very nice. Gives clear instructions. Very pleasant and takes her time to make sure there is a mutual understanding between her and her patient.

  59. Nadiesha Mcadory


  60. Timesia Pryor

    very nice and kind. amazing personality and she gets you in and out. 🙂

  61. Stephanie Garcia-Rivas

    She very nice person and she helped me to see better and I lover her personality too!!

  62. Sherrita Bartie

    VERY Patient, Listen To Everything I Had To Say. Ensured Me Nothing were wrong with My Eyes. I most definitely would recommend Her To Everyone.

  63. Triniyah Flanders

    Very knowledgable, very nice, and extremely polite

  64. Demetrius Johnson

    She really helped I felt comfortable while she worked with me

  65. Demetrius Johnson

    She really did a good job I felt comfortable with her while she worked with me

  66. Armani Johnson

    She’s a nurturing and patient woman who loves to make her clients feel comfortable. If you come to her, you will never feel pressured or awkward by her.

  67. Morica

    Awesome customer service very friendly and a professional at what she do

  68. Ava Sturgis

    Very nice and helpful she is the best will help you with anything you need.

  69. Jessica Nell

    My appointment was very efficient. I was in and out in a timely manner. Dr. Culpepper was very friendly and accommodating!

  70. samoya

    she did good and great customer service

  71. Tanyjah

    She has great customer services very nice and helpful

  72. Laolu Oguneye

    Very proffessional and Easy to understand. Made it feel very safe.

  73. Savannah Smith

    So nice and sweet.

  74. Jeanelle Bediako

    Dr. Culpepper was very kind and professional. I appreciate her making sure I was comfortable and well accommodated during my exam as I am 9 months pregnant! I look forward to seeing her again in the future.

  75. Mateo

    All directions are clear and she is very nice

  76. Xavier Bell

    Dr. Culpepper is immensely amicable and affable. The environment is friendly and the staff are hugely welcoming. Would come back here with no hesitation!

  77. Jonetta Richardson

    Was late but her personality makes up for it she’s very awesome wow makes you feel soooo great and more welcoming in coming back to the facility she’s very awesome!!!!! Will definitely be coming back to see this particular doctor/location

  78. Ka’Meisha

    She was very helpful she asked me questions and was very patient with me.

  79. Alexus Heaf

    She was great and very helpful. She let me take my time to find the prescription right for me. I would definitely recommend.

  80. Genesis

    It was good there was no problem and she was nice and pretty

  81. Sterlin Clark

    Good customer service

  82. Wannisha Perry

    Dr. Culpepper is very patient and very detailed in explaining. Very knowledgeable in her work and great personality. I would definitely recommend her and will be back.

  83. Joned Rafiq

    It was great

  84. Samantha Champion

    Dr. C was very informative and very helpful with my eye exam very resourceful as well.

  85. Christopher Gousse

    Great service, very friendly and very professional. She’s the person to go too. 😊👍🏾

  86. Ashley Dixon

    The review was amazing and she did an amazing job with nice and helpful with everything I needed done today thank you

  87. Marland Simmons

    Awesome job and great help.

  88. Dhaejanel lyttleton

    Customer service was good, she made me feel comfortable and everything went well

  89. Asia

    Thanks Dr.C I enjoy her services! Very professional

  90. Charnel Ferba

    Dr. Culpepper was really nice she was fast efficient and more than that she made me feel comfortable. She seems to be the best at what she does and this was my first time seeing her and I will definitely be coming back.

  91. Ethlyn DeWindt

    I’ve been wearing glass since the third grade and never had anyone explain what was going on with my eyes like her. Dr. Culpepper was excellent in explaining everything to me. She was very professional and kind. Definitely will be back again.

  92. Paris. O

    Good exam. Dr. Culpepper was nice.

  93. Diamond Onyeokoro

    I had a great experience, it was fast and simple.

  94. Nomi R.

    My experience was great and I liked how nice they were and the different rooms they put us in

  95. Erica Ferrell

    Great service, she explained every step , and was real efficient .

  96. Jeanie Seide

    Dr. Culpepper is awesome! She explains everything clear for anyone to understand.

  97. Warren

    Dr. Culpepper’s care and attention to detail assured me that she is a top notch eye professional. She not only provided me with lenses that corrected my vision but
    discovered a problem, that left undiagnosed , would have led to serious vision impairment.

  98. Ramar

    She was very nice and was very patient. She didn’t rush me or anything and took her time and made sure I got everything I needed.

  99. Paige Michel-King

    She made me feel comfortable. She clarified what I would see when I had my glasses on and I appreciate that. She was also very kind

  100. Tia

    Very patient and kind

  101. Tylinsa hall

    Awesome made sure my eyes was at it’s best before I left THANK YOU SO MUCH you have did alot for me THANK you for giving me my extra eyes again

  102. Devin H

    Very helpful and descriptive in the exam process.

  103. Brittany Robinson

    Very informative and ensures that I had no questions about my vision. Quick snd efficient!

  104. Quentrez George

    Excellent care, Very professional

  105. Tyree Williams

    She Was Very Good

  106. Kera Williams

    Exam was very quick and easy! She’s the best

  107. Naomi Howell

    Great first time eye exam and it went very well!

  108. Baileigh Price

    She is really nice and fun. She makes you feel relaxed and not so tense like you would feel with another new doctor.

  109. Ainsley Echoles

    I really enjoyed your company . Your are a great doctor and you are positive

  110. Shelese Lane

    Wonderful experience!

  111. LaTrisha S

    Dr. Culpepper was very professional & informative. She explained everything in such a manner in which it was easy to understand. I have always steered away from “vision centers”, but I had an emergency & couldn’t get in with my regular ophthalmologist . Dr. Culpepper was filing in for the regular doctor. I’m glad I encountered her & she made me feel very comfortable despite my reservations.

  112. Taneasha E

    Ms Culpepper and her staff were amazing and accommodating!

  113. Shamya Bowman

    Very attentative and nice. Patient and sweet.

  114. Egan mejia

    Very kind and let’s you feel like a well cared for patient

  115. Todd Parrish

    Highly recommend. Prompt, polite service and I’m confident in the outcome.

  116. Chalante Thomas

    So sweet and patient! I couldn’t immediately choose which prescription was right for me but she took her time. And also answered all questions i had about glasses and contacts!

  117. Aaron Levitt

    Nice and friendly. Very professional. I would definitely go back!

  118. McKinsey

    She was super quick, answered all of my questions and was very helpful. Very good experience!!

  119. Kinsey

    She was super quick, answered all of my questions and was very helpful. Very good experience!!

  120. Whitney Bradley

    The service I received was awesome . She explained everything very well and she was detailed in the next st ps of the eye appointment

  121. Andrew K Smith

    Im photophobic and most of my exams have been awful. Dr.Culpepper made it the most comfortable experience I’ve ever had! She cares and I’ll be coming back to her for all my eye work!

  122. Carla

    Excellent service!!! Easily the best eye exam I’ve had. Would definitely prefer her as a regular eye doctor! Super friendly and efficient.

  123. Alex Goren

    Best in class!!
    I’ve had my prescription done by countless drs and this experience was the best I’ve ever had. Thank you for helping me find my perfect prescription!
    20 out of 20

  124. Mona

    She was amazing and very thoughtful to the care of my vision. Absolutely recommend she puts you and your needs first

  125. Hakeem T

    Excellent Doc very very kind and quick

  126. Michael Harris

    Very helpful and realistic !
    Most definitely coming back again!

  127. Sasha

    Dr. Culpepper is an extremely nice and thorough Optometrist would definitely recommend!

  128. Kevin J.

    Very helpful and explained all options thoroughly.

  129. Remi Jeffrey-Coker

    Excellent experience! 10/10 recommend!

  130. Markita

    Great service very kind experience was very great first time with her

  131. Tee-Kwa Allen

    Amazing experience. Very help and explained everything very thoroughly. Would definitely recommend!

  132. Tarniqua Shackelford

    Dr. Culpepper was very knowledgeable and amazing! Super patient and personable. Thank you for the great experience! I have finally found my new doctor.

  133. Paw

    My doctor was amazing , she was so nice and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Such great energy and so kind

  134. Chazimne lowe

    I really enjoyed Dr.Culpepper she was very professional and nice and very Knowledgeable about her profession, and makes you feel comfortable

  135. manager

    Great service by the Doctor.
    ~This review was originally written 01/20/2023

  136. manager

    Amazing Doctor Service.
    ~Originally stated by K.W. on January 20, 2023

  137. manager

    This was my first eye exam ever. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Culpepper was warm and inviting. She made me comfortable by talking me through my exam and demonstrated why I needed glasses. She showed me pictures of my eyes and explained the parts of my eyes to me. Glad I didn’t have anything wrong with them. Just a prescription for glasses is all I needed.
    ~Verbally stated on 01/20/23 by Y.G.

  138. manager

    I like Dr. Culpepper. She was concerned when I didn’t pass my field screening the first time. She did my exam then made me some temporary glasses so I could see to retake the screening and I passed!
    ~01/20/23 review verbalized by G.M.

  139. manager

    Once I got passed the front desk it was smooth sailing. The office was very busy. The tech and the doctor gave me superb service. They really took care of me.
    ~This review was verbally stated by K.G. on 01/20/2023

  140. manager

    Awesome visit. Dr. Culpepper was very helpful and I am bringing my daughter in to see her.
    ~Verbally stated on 01/20/23 by C.W.

  141. manager

    Dr. Culpepper saw my son for his first eye exam and was so patient with him. She looked so tired but he couldn’t tell by the way his exam was done. He said he likes her and he wants to come back.
    ~H.G. verbally stated this review on 01/23/23

  142. manager

    That was one of the best exams for contacts I’ve ever had. Dr. Culpepper explained all my options as my eyes are changing.
    ~01/21/2023 stated by S.F.

  143. manager

    I really appreciate how Dr. Culpepper actually SHOWED me what my cataracts look like. Now that I have a visual on them, I understand why my vision is cloudy in both of my eyes.
    ~T.S. verbalized this review on 01/21/2023

  144. manager

    Thank goodness I was able to get in on a Sunday. I received really good customer service and Dr. Culpepper has a pleasant demeanor. Her instructions and explanations made my exam flow very well.
    ~01/22/2023 verbally stated by C.C.

  145. manager

    Bring a jacket because it’s really cold! I would still come back because of the service I received from the staff and the Doctor. I highly recommend this place.
    ~O.C. verbally stated this review on 01/22/23

  146. Summer

    It was nice! She was absolutely amazing and helped through the whole process. Clear and easy.

  147. MaKinzee J. Pitts

    She was nice and professional.

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